We're going places: meet our new field organizers!

Did you see Caitlin's email this weekend? Our field team is growing, thanks to the strong support of our members! Read on:

Big news: Michigan LCV is now more statewide than ever, thanks to you!

This month, we’re sending three new field organizers out to three new communities: Traverse City, Kalamazoo and Wayne County.

Meet Henry, Caitlin and Joe!

These organizers need pens and clipboards to hit the ground running — pitch in $5 right now >>

This team will be meeting Michiganders just like you in three new corners of the state to learn about what environmental issues matter the most, put on meaningful events and provide you with more opportunities for action in the fight for a greater Great Lakes State. When it comes to protecting our air, land and water, we’re in it to win it.

But in order to be on the ground year-round from Trenton to Traverse City, we need you behind us.

We’re going to use every cent you contribute in a smart, targeted way — become a Michigan LCV member today with a donation of just $5 >>


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