8 reasons to get on board with Michigan LCV

If you’re on the fence about joining Michigan LCV, here are a few good reasons (eight of them, to be precise) why your investment matters right now:

1. Because Michigan’s clean energy future starts today. We heard it from the Governor himself during his State of the State address—plans laid in the year ahead are going to shape how we power our homes and businesses well beyond 2015. It's up to us to show that our investments in clean, renewable energy to date are a Michigan-made success story that should be not only continued, but ramped up. Unless we all stand up and demand a truly clean energy future, who will? Join Michigan LCV today >> 

2. Because we prefer our Great Lakes and our drinking water free of toxic algae. The Department of Environmental Quality is in the process of updating rules for how to monitor and protect clean water from pollution associated with large-scale livestock farms. Michigan LCV is teaming up with organizations from across the state to demand we get the rules right. If we want to put a stop to the toxic algae blooms that threaten our drinking water and discolor our coastline, we need to tackle toxic runoff into our lakes, rivers and streams this year. Will you join us in standing up for the clean water that defines our state? Join Michigan LCV today >>

3. Because Michigan’s biodiversity could end up back on the chopping block. Michigan LCV members led the charge to stop the anti-biodiversity bill, and earlier this month we thanked Governor Snyder for using his veto pen to put a stop to the plan that would have prohibited the Department of Natural Resources from managing state lands to protect Michigan’s biodiversity. But now, supporters of this bad bill have already vowed to raise the issue again in the new legislative session. Michiganders enjoy our state parks and state forests because of their biodiversity, not in spite of it. Stand with us to defend our state’s pristine natural areas from relentless attacks this year. Join Michigan LCV today >>

4. Because our amazing state parks are on the line. Last fall, we fought to protect Hartwick Pines State Park—the home of the largest remaining stand of old-growth white pine forest in the Lower Peninsula—from being opened up to oil and gas activity. After more than 3,000 Michigan LCV members signed on to our petition to the Department of Natural Resources, the parcels within the park were removed from the auction block. Hartwick Pines is safe for now, but this fight showed us the difference a strong base of members can make. Help us stay vigilant in defense of our world-class state parks, forests and recreational areas. Join Michigan LCV today >>

5. Because we’re keeping score on all of the action in Lansing. Tools like How Green Is Your Governor? and Michigan LCV’s Environmental Scorecard are the only places to find out if your state elected officials are pushing for progress on Michigan’s environment or pulling us backward. Help us hold our representatives accountable for protecting our land, air, and water. Join Michigan LCV today >>

6. Because 2016 is right around the corner. Michigan LCV is already laying the groundwork for electing conservation champions next year. We’re going all in, ramping up our work in new regions across the state that will help us bring it home for Pure Michigan, and we need you on board. Don't put this off! Join Michigan LCV today >>

7. Because Pure Michigan is more than a pretty picture. It's our way of life and our elected officials should understand that. A strong base of Michigan LCV members is what we need to show our representatives that protecting the Great Lakes and the great outdoors is top priority. Join Michigan LCV today >>

8. Because your Michigan LCV membership only costs $5. For the price of your morning latte, you can make an investment in the future of the Great Lakes State. From where I’m standing, that sounds like money well spent. Join Michigan LCV today >> 

With so much on the line, we are going to be working our tails off to protect Michigan’s natural resources this year. No matter what your reason is for joining Michigan LCV, with your membership contribution of $5 we can go bigger and bolder for Michigan’s land, air, and water. With more than 50 new members already on board this week, it’s pretty clear: the momentum to make our Great Lakes State even greater is growing!

Become a Michigan LCV member today >>


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