What do you love most about Michigan?

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What do you love most about Michigan?

Maybe catching a Tigers game at Comerica Park tops your list, or stopping for pasties in the wild and wonderful Upper Peninsula. There are countless reasons to love our state.

But some of the most important for my family are hiking through the Saugatuck sand dunes, taking the dog for a walk on the shores of the Huron River, trying my hand at fly-fishing on the Au Sable River or biking around Belle Isle. Our natural areas bond us to this place we call home.

So many Michigan LCV members tell me they support our work because it is on behalf of the places they call home. And when you ask our staff why they come to work everyday, they will tell you about growing up on the beach, sledding for hours at the park near their house or climbing a little too high up their favorite old oak tree.

Beyond all of the beautiful backdrops and smiling faces, there are still plenty of decision makers who are ready and willing to put Pure Michigan on the line to make a quick buck. That’s what almost happened at Hartwick Pines State Park back in August, until Michigan LCV members stepped in, spoke out and stopped the state park from being put on the auction block. Proof positive that, if we don’t band together, the familiar landscapes we care about most could be lost to the carelessness of those who don't appreciate their true worth.

Consider this for a moment—the profit-from-polluting Koch Brothers, who Michigan LCV went toe-to-toe with last year, recently unveiled their intentions to spend $889 million between now and 2016, with much of that money bound to come right here to Michigan. That's why we need members like you to help us right now if we want stay ahead of this deluge of dollars from those who are in the business of selling out our natural resources instead of protecting them.

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Michigan LCV stands guard for our land, air and water, elects people to office who put our land, air and water first and holds them accountable for strong environmental records. But we could not do it without our members. You are the real force for change. At hearings, on petitions, or at the ballot box, the voices of Michigan LCV members cannot be ignored. That’s why we need even more of you with us to stand up for the forests, the lakes and the trails that make this state a great place to live.

Consider your contribution an insurance policy for the great outdoors that make Michigan the best place to call home.

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Thank you for standing with us.

Lisa Wozniak
Executive Director, Michigan LCV


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