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Hundreds of Michiganders have already written their legislators asking for an update to our state's clean, renewable energy goals. Check out the update our Deputy Director Jack Schmitt sent to our list last week — then make sure you're signed up to get Michigan LCV updates by clicking here.

Picture this: seven years ago, you opened a small neighborhood cafe to little fanfare. And today, business is booming. Wouldn’t you do everything you can to keep that business afloat?

Me too. And that’s pretty much what the Michigan Public Service Commission’s (MPSC) latest report tells us about our state's renewable energy plan: it’s working.

Clean energy is spurring strong economic growth in our state. The MPSC estimates that $2.9 billion has been invested in Michigan to bring new clean, renewable energy projects online through 2014. Those big investments have resulted in jobs, and lots of them: 8,375 by the second quarter of 2014, to be exact.

What’s more, the MPSC forecasts that the cost for energy generated by renewable sources is coming in at nearly half the cost of energy generated by dirty coal, and that those costs for renewable energy sources will continue to decline. Smaller numbers on our utility bills, cleaner, healthier air and water — what’s not to love?

Unfortunately, our renewable energy plan expires this year — and if legislators fail to act, this Michigan-made success story could come to an abrupt end. We can’t let a good thing get away.

Write to your legislators and make sure they know that we are ready to ramp up renewable energy in Michigan. Let them know we need a strong clean energy plan that builds on our success so far >>

As I write this email, our elected officials in Lansing are making some key decisions about whether they're going to go all out for renewable energy and energy efficiency goals that grow Michigan’s economy and better protect our land, air and water from pollution. That’s why they need to hear from constituents like you, Sara—right here, right now.

Transitioning from dirty coal to clean, renewable energy and energy efficiency is a win-win for Michigan. But time is running out on the progress we’ve made. Together, we can put the pedal to the metal for action on clean energy in 2015.

Thanks for joining in this fight!

Jack Schmitt

Deputy Director, Michigan LCV


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