Clean Power Plan is breath of fresh air for Michiganders

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The Clean Power Plan (CPP) will provide a literal breath of fresh air for millions of Americans, including children and families right here in Michigan. Among developed countries, the U.S. has some of the highest rates of carbon pollution and our outdated power plants are one of the major reasons.

That’s why it’s so encouraging that we’re taking action and cleaning up our act—making smart investments for cleaner air and cleaner water. And with Governor Rick Snyder’s recent announcement that Michigan will create a plan to comply with the new Clean Power Plan goals, Michigan is stepping up too!

As Michigan considers how it will get to the goal laid out in the CPP (32% less carbon pollution by 2030), there are four different ways that we can reach our target reductions:

  1. make existing coal plants more efficient
  2. use natural gas effectively
  3. more renewables and clean energy sources
  4. increase energy efficiency (reduce wasted energy)

Here in Michigan we are already off to a great start in achieving our state goals under the CPP—about half way there, in fact! But to cross the finish line, we need to focus on the renewable, clean energy sources that can best make up the difference.  Since the Michigan legislature enacted our current ten percent Renewable Energy Standard back in 2008, our state has seen a boom in the wind and solar energy that was little more than a hope seven years ago.

Now with eight of our coal-fired power plants already set to be shut down over the next decade, we’ve got a real chance to keep up that momentum! It’s time for Michigan to become a leader in the fight against climate change, and to do so, we need to reinvent our energy sector to include more clean, renewable energy that helps protect our land, air, and water.

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Written by Michigan LCV Intern, Elizabeth Burns