Progress, but Still Work to be Done on Toxic Chemicals

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Last week, congress brought some of the most toxic chemicals into the national spotlight.

MLCV Toxic Podcast: The Truth About Flame Retardants

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photo: flame retardants

Blog and podcast written and produced by MLCV's chemical policy intern, Allison Montambeau

As we’re lying in bed after a long day, the last thing most of us are thinking is the toxic dust coming off our favorite pillow.  Our bedrooms are a place of relaxation and rest, but what if the soft fabrics and mattresses we love are exposing us to dangerous chemicals? Well, as it turns out, they are.

Join us this Saturday: Michigan LCV office opening parties!

Michigan LCV is going big this summer. We are opening new offices and putting boots on the ground to go all in for Michigan's land, air and water and to combat climate change. To officially kick off our powerhouse grassroots campaign we are hosting parties in our new offices and you and all of your friends are invited.

Mark Your Territory in Scio Township

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An oil and gas company is asking citizens in Scio Township to sign over their mineral rights in order to drill for oil in Washtenaw County. We have heard from many of our members who ask, "What can we do to stop drilling from happening in my backyard?" The first step: Mark your territory. Just say no to signing a lease for your mineral rights. 

EPA Carbon Rules: Accelerating Michigan's Transition to Clean Energy

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On June 2nd the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new plan to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from our nation’s power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels. The rules take aim at carbon emissions from the single largest source in the United States –existing power plants. They are an important, common sense step forward in the ongoing effort to address climate change and reduce air pollution

Join us this Sunday: Michigan LCV's Benefit Concert at The Ark

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Our friends at the famous Ann Arbor music venue, the Ark, have generously offered to host a Benefit Concert for Michigan LCV on Sunday, June 1st at 7 PM. Will join us to support our work as the non-partisan political voice for Michigan's land, air and water, and to hear some great music? Purchase your tickets before they are gone!

Burning Hazardous Waste And Petcoke Is Not Renewable Energy

What do you think of when you hear the words renewable energy? Perhaps you think about clean energy sources like wind or solar. Odds are, you don’t think about incinerating hazardous waste like petroleum coke (petcoke), a toxic industrial byproduct of the oil refining process. But that is exactly what some Michigan state legislators are currently proposing.

Chemicals in Commerce Act Fails to Impress

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The way we deal with potentially toxic chemicals in the United States is in need of a major update. Since the Toxic Substances Control Act was passed in 1976, we have been operating under the idea that the chemicals used in our products are innocent until proven guilty. This approach just isn't working.

Nature needs to win: Severe environmental impacts expected if gravel mine comes to Lyndon Township

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By Christine Manninen

If you live in or around Chelsea or regularly visit the area, you have no doubt seen the “Deny the Mine!” signs and t-shirts, which are springing up faster than the tulips this year!

PWIR: The Full Filing Report

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Before we get into the news, everyone mark your calendars for June 1, 2014. The Ark in Ann Arbor has generously offered to host a benefit for Michigan LCV, and the more PWIR readers we can get in the room, the better! The concert will feature singer, songwriter and pianist Vienna Teng, Annie and Rod Capps, and talented guitarist Laith Al-Saadi. Doors will open at 7 PM on that Sunday night, and tickets are available for purchase right now.

Scio Township Calls Forum on Potential Oil Wells

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This Thursday, Scio Township is hosting a public forum in response to potential oil drilling operations near the intersection of Zeeb Rd and Dexter-Ann Arbor Rd in Washtenaw County. Drilling in this area could lower home values, threaten the health of those living in the community, and contaminate the Huron River. But, due to policy decisions on the state level, local citizens are fighting an uphill battle to stop oil drilling before it starts in their backyards. 

PWIR: Reusing, Recycling, Rebounding

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In Michigan, fish and freshwater are a package deal. Without one, you don’t have the other. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources reported last week that the commercial fishing industry reeled in 3.6 million pounds of fish last year, amounting to $5.53 million in revenue. While still a huge catch, the totals are 150,000 pounds less than fishermen caught in 2012.

WMSBF Hosts Climate Resiliency Series

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The West Michigan Sustainable Business Forum (WMSBF) is hosting a climate resiliency series, and the more Michigan LCV members in attendance, the better. This exciting series of events will explore a range of topics from farming to healthcare and social services, all through the lense of climate resiliency. Everything you need to know about the series is below, courtesy of the WMSBF.


PWIR: Fields Narrow on the Campaign Trail

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Did everyone get outside to shake off the winter, enjoy springtime temperatures and soak up the sunny weather this weekend? Chances are, if you visited a park or took a walk on a trail, you were a beneficiary of Michigan’s Natural Resources Trust Fund (NRTF), which supports outdoor recreation projects from Marquette to Detroit and beyond. Last week, we told you about a proposal in the state legislature to slash NRTF funding by more than half, and now your opportunity to take action is here. Send a letter to your state representative right now. Then, read on for the latest from the campaign trail and more in this week’s Political Week in Review.

New SHOWTIME Series Puts Climate Change on Primetime Television

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Promotional image for Years of Living Dangerously

The premiere of SHOWTIME's new series opens with Harrison Ford maneuvering a fighter jet through the skies over northern California. But this is not a fictional storyline, and Ford isn’t running down an enemy of the state. He is collecting carbon dioxide samples from the atmosphere as part of a NASA climate study. Welcome to the fast-paced documentary mini-series that is Years of Living Dangerously.