Stop Before you Shop!

Earlier today, the Ecology Center released their most recent list of toys containing dangerous levels of toxic chemicals

A Victory for the Great Lakes!

The Great Lakes are under attack - from raw sewage (yes, raw) to toxic pollutants to invasive species. It is a constant uphill battle to try and just maintain the current health of the lakes. It takes constant monitoring and pressure from scientists, non-profits and every day citizens. Yesterday though we had a small victory - a federal court upheld Michigan's ballast water law.

Land of the Free, Home of the.....Sprawl????

Chris McCarus grew up in Michigan and we are very lucky that, after traveling the world, he decided to return home.

Yellow Dog Plains Still Under Attack

This past week an Ingham County Circuit Judge ruled the state Department of Environmental Quality acted properly by granting Kennecott Eagle Minerals Company an air permit for their proposed nickel mine up on the Yellow Dog Plains in the Upper Pennisula.

Pre-election thoughts....

Submitted by "citizen Lisa": As I sit (for a rare moment) and think about the various people and issues we'll be voting on tomorrow

Kent County Commission Moves Toward Bipartisanship

The results of this year's general election in Kent County proved to be a great success for Democrats, including three new members on the Kent County Board of Commissioners. For Michigan LCV, these results and recent developments translate into a win for conservation, as the Board is now likely to take up some issues it has shied away from in the past, specifically the Purchase of Development Rights for area farmers.

Michigan Legislature Scored!

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters released their 2007-08 Environmental Scorecard today