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Clean Power Plan is breath of fresh air for Michiganders

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The Clean Power Plan (CPP) will provide a literal breath of fresh air for millions of Americans, including children and families right here in Michigan.

SB 891: Turning back the clock for polluters

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As part of this year’s Lame Duck action, the Michigan House passed a bill today that will weaken requirements for the clean-up of contaminated sites throughout Michigan.

Week of Action: Michigan LCV Acts on Climate

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This week Michigan LCV is teaming up with organizations from across the Midwest to amplify the need to act on climate change in a concerted week of action.

Do you accept the toxic status-quo?

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Flame retardants are in products that we use in our daily lives. There's a fair chance you are actually using one of those products right now. Alright, so what is it?

If you guessed a chair, you got it.

PWIR: We're Number Four

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Good news for the Great Lakes: water levels are on the rebound. Last week, scientists confirmed that all five lakes are significantly higher now than they were last year at this time. Freshwater fans should take that news with a grain of salt, mostly because last year’s lake levels were the lowest they had ever been since they were first recorded in 1918.

What's the Problem With the Detroit Incinerator?

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Wibke Heymach is the State Field Manager for Moms Clean Air Force in Michigan, and she was panelist at a community meeting to address the Detroit Incinerator on Tuesday. Zero Waste Detroit hosted the event. Read Wibke's statement on how the Detroit Incinerator puts children's health at risk, and what the community can do about it below: 

Our new Moms Clean Air Force Organizers Take Off!

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photo: child with inhaler

Forty years ago President Richard Nixon signed into law the federal Clean Air Act. This was at a time when environmentalism was emerging into a movement and a Republican president could take the lead

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