PWIR: Lines in the Water

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Newsflash everybody! Before you book your trip to Yosemite, Las Vegas or Hawaii, make sure you hop on over to Grand Rapids first. Last week, The Huffington Post rated West Michigan’s bright, bustling urban core, and the white sandy beaches to the West, as the number one place to visit in 2014. Did you hear that? Number one in America.

PWIR: Moose Days are the New Dog Days

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This week, we have news on big game. Not big basketball games (like Michigan State’s win over Kentucky – Go Green!), or big football games (like University of Michigan’s triple overtime, close call victory over Northwestern). We are talking moose, deer and elk for a few reasons. First, deer are on the docket as of last Friday when hunting season opened up on the 8 million acres of public hunting land that stretches from the Upper Peninsula to downstate. Second, we have further intel on earlier inklings that climate change is killing off moose, elk and deer in Michigan. Welcome to the big game edition of the Political Week in Review. We are just getting started.

New Access Point for the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge

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Most people are surprised to hear that the only international wildlife refuge in the country is located in Michigan. Then, they are even more surprised to hear that it is in Detroit. But, after a groundbreaking ceremony last week, the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge (DRIWR) is on its way to having a brand new accommodations for school groups and visitors to see for themselves the 48 miles of restored, protected land that stretches along the Detroit River.

PWIR: The Detroit News

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Michigan LCV’s Southeast Michigan office is issuing a change of address. As of last Friday, we are settled in our new, bright and sunny office space. Well, settled in might be pushing it, but we are feeling right at home even if there are a few extra boxes and cords decorating the space.

Belle Isle State Park: Access v. Investment

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Update: On November 12th, the Emergency Loan Board approved a 30-year lease agreement between the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit. As of that date, a 90-day transition period took effect, and Belle Isle is on its way to becoming Michigan's next state park. More on how we got to this point from a October 18th post below: 

Earlier this month, the city of Detroit and the state signed a 30-year lease agreement that would turn Belle Isle into a state park and allocate up to $20 million dollars toward park improvements in the first three years. The Detroit City Council rejected the agreement, and countered with a shorter-term offer. It is almost certain that Belle Isle will become a state park once the back-and-forth materializes into a final agreement, but public sentiment about the decision can be summed up in two words heard quite often about dynamics in Detroit --- it’s complicated.

Belle Isle State Park: What Do You Think?

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Yesterday, a lease agreement was finalized between the state and the city of Detroit to turn Belle Isle into a state park. Now, it goes to Detroit City Council for approval. Between $10 and $20 million in investments are expected in the first three years to upgrade the 985-acre island in the Detroit River. We want to know what you think of the news. Take our poll, and share with your friends.

In Case You Missed It: Detroit Fuel Efficiency Hearing

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Federal officials gathered in Detroit on Tuesday for the first of three national hearings to discuss the new 2017-2025 Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. More than 90 groups and individuals -- including automakers, environmentalists, business leaders, and citizens -- testified in the hearing, which lasted longer than seven hours.

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