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Listen in as Michigan LCV talks microbeads with Rep. Christine Greig

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Charlotte Jameson, Michigan LCV's policy manager, discusses the issue of microplastics in the Great Lakes with State Representative Christine Greig.

Renewed protections, ongoing threats to clean water

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In the 2000s, weak federal policies along with a pair of US Supreme Court rulings eroded existing Clean Water Act safeguards for many waterways across the country.

Delisted: Restoring White Lake

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By Tanya Cabala of the White Lake Public Advisory Council

Last year, decades of persistence by grassroots citizens paid off in a big way for the White Lake area in northern Muskegon County.

Week of Action: Michigan LCV Acts on Climate

Tags: clean air, clean energy, clean water, climate change, Great Lakes

This week Michigan LCV is teaming up with organizations from across the Midwest to amplify the need to act on climate change in a concerted week of action.

MLCV Toxic Podcast: The Truth About Flame Retardants

Tags: chemicals in commerce act, flame retardants, Great Lakes, Michigan toxics, toxics

photo: flame retardants

Blog and podcast written and produced by MLCV's chemical policy intern, Allison Montambeau

As we’re lying in bed after a long day, the last thing most of us are thinking is the toxic dust coming off our favorite pillow.  Our bedrooms are a place of relaxation and rest, but what if the soft fabrics and mattresses we love are exposing us to dangerous chemicals? Well, as it turns out, they are.

PWIR: Top of the Ticket

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Ann Arbor rolled out the red carpet and the reubens to welcome President Obama to Michigan last week. Though the Great Lakes and conservation issues were not at the top of the agenda, the President’s visit to University of Michigan to push for raising the minimum wage (and his sandwich order at Ann Arbor’s legendary Zingerman’s Deli) made a splash last Wednesday. Who’s who of Southeast Michigan were in attendance to shake hands with the Commander in Chief, including current Congressmen John Conyers (D – Detroit) and LCV Action Fund endorsed Gary Peters (D – Bloomfield Township). Congressional hopeful Debbie Dingell (D – Dearborn) was also in the house, as was Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer, who had big news himself to announce the next day. The President’s address was heavy-handed on Michigan pride, tracing the lineage of a strong minimum wage to Henry Ford and connecting current pressure for policy change to local working wage leaders like the reuben kings at Zingerman’s Deli.

PWIR: Oil, Water, and Algae Don't Mix

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Until last week, it had been five years since Congress had voted to designate a single acre for protection under the Wilderness Act. But, we are proud to report that Michigan’s Sleeping Bear Dunes was the tipping point that changed the congressional course. Thanks to approval from the US House and Senate, a bill now sits on President Obama’s desk that would officially designate 32,500 acres of the legendary lakeshore as wilderness. The designation preserves public access points, and it prevents any further development down the line. President Obama is expected to sign the bill, and when he does, Sleeping Bear will have the gold standard in land protections and a new tagline: officially wild.

Michigan LCV Brings Great Lakes to Washington D.C.

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photo: HOW Lobby day

Michigan LCV's Alicia Prygoski (Legislative and Political Assistant) and Erica Bloom (Program Manager), traveled to Washington D.C. this week to join other Great Lakes advocates for the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition annual lobby day.

Our Members Call For an Asian Carp Action Plan

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Recently, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) issued a report outlining eight potential invasive species management strategies to protect the Great Lakes. The strategies ranged from not doing much at all to completely separating waterways. While the report was informative, it did not make a recommendation about next steps to turn analysis into action. Now that the USACE is taking public comment on the report, Michigan LCV members are putting on the pressure to stop Asian carp and other aquatic invasive species for good. With over 300 submissions so far, we cannot list all of the comments, but here are a few of the stand out submissions we have received from concerned citizens like you.

Mayor Heartwell Visits Ann Arbor

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[head shot, George Heartwell]

Speaking at a special presentation of the University of Michigan Law School’s environmental law and policy program on Tuesday, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell challenged the audience to consider the ethical obligation to address climate change.

“Simply living in the world today has an impact on climate,” said Mayor Heartwell. “We have to acknowledge that we are part of the problem...we have to do what we can within our own sphere of influence to mitigate the damage.”

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