Green Gavels

Justice Davis on Michigan LCV's Green Gavels

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By Justice-Emeritus Alton Thomas Davis

In the lead up to any given election day, you hear a lot about the candidates: Republicans and Democrats, Mayors and City Council Members, Representatives and Senators, Governors and Presidents—it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Courts, Water, Pollution and Permits

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river image

The U.S. Supreme Court has decided to review two cases which will determine when water pollution discharges require permits under the Clean Water Act. 

Federal Court Upholds EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations

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While everyone was speculating about what the U.S. Supreme Court would do about health care last week, another DC court upheld the EPA's ability to reduce greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide.

Anatomy of a Green Gavel

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Northern Michigan University Archives

Justice John D. Voelker (aka Robert Traver) upheld a Detroit air pollution ordinance 11 years before the Clean Air Act.

PWIR: Green Gavels and Great Lakes

Tags: Dunes, Great Lakes, Green Gavels, michigan supreme court, PWIR

The Michigan Supreme Court just couldn't wait to test out the new Green Gavels accountability tool we launched last week, as they have already issued

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