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Justice Davis on Michigan LCV's Green Gavels

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By Justice-Emeritus Alton Thomas Davis

In the lead up to any given election day, you hear a lot about the candidates: Republicans and Democrats, Mayors and City Council Members, Representatives and Senators, Governors and Presidents—it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

PWIR: The Verdict

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Michigan LCV PWIR

Ryan is out for the week (a much needed post-campaign respite), so I am here to provide your weekly update on Michigan's political landscape. Last week

PWIR: The Michigan LCV Election Guide

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Political Week in Review

Tomorrow is Election Day, and nothing is more important in our democracy than informed citizens exercising their right and fulfilling their duty to vote. 

Online Programs Evaluate Environmental Record of Elected Officials

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Michigan Capitol
With all the campaign ads flying around, it gets hard to differentiate between facts and propaganda. 

PWIR: Green Gavels and Great Lakes

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The Michigan Supreme Court just couldn't wait to test out the new Green Gavels accountability tool we launched last week, as they have already issued

PWIR: No One Likes the Land Cap

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photo image Michigan LCV Political Week in Review Werder youngdyke land cap

We talked about the Land Cap Bill a lot in the last edition. Since then, and largely because of your help, the issue really took off statewide with the Free Press and others weighing in on our side. No one likes the land cap.

PWIR: Memories from Econ 101

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image PWIR Michigan LCV MLCV jobs wind werder youngdyke

A recent report announced that wind energy is creating strong job growth nationwide and, while that's encouraging, it also shows that we could be doing even better here in Michigan than we currently are. 

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