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Justice Davis on Michigan LCV's Green Gavels

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By Justice-Emeritus Alton Thomas Davis

In the lead up to any given election day, you hear a lot about the candidates: Republicans and Democrats, Mayors and City Council Members, Representatives and Senators, Governors and Presidents—it’s enough to make one’s head spin.

Local Control Over Oil, Gas, and Mining: Overview and Timeline

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After strong community opposition and organizing, West Bay Exploration announced last week that they have halted oil drilling in Scio Township.

Lyndon Township Residents Fight Proposed Salt and Gravel Mine

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Just north of Chelsea, in the rural community of Lyndon Township, a battle is raging over a proposed sand and gravel mine that would drastically alter the character of the community and deeply impact the environment. This issue is a prime example of how decisions by Michigan’s elected officials at the state level impact local communities’ ability to protect their natural resources. 

PWIR: Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

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We have word from the Upper Peninsula --- the ice bridge across Lake Superior, connecting Canada to Isle Royale, has been formed for the first time since 2008. The question now becomes whether the wolves will take advantage of the Great Lakes becoming passable, and make their way from the mainland over to Isle Royale. 

Budget Surplus is Opportunity to Invest in Natural Resources

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On Wednesday, Governor Snyder will announce his proposed budget for the 2014 -2015 fiscal year, including plans to for the estimated $971 million budget surplus the state will see over the next three years.

The Cap and Plan for Michigan's Public Land

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In 2012, the Michigan legislature passed the land cap bill, issuing arbitrary limits on the amount of public land the state could legally acquire and allowing Michigan’s land use to be guided by an amount of acreage that was thought up by state legislators, and not backed up by land management principles or science.

Politicizing the Natural Resources Trust Fund

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Hiking Trail

The Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund was put into the Michigan Constitution in 1984 and placed under the leadership of an advisory board to keep it away from politicians. Senate Bill 1238 would give it back. 

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