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Hundreds of Michiganders have already written their legislators asking for an update to our state's clean, renewable energy goals.

EPA Carbon Rules: Accelerating Michigan's Transition to Clean Energy

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On June 2nd the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a new plan to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from our nation’s power plants by 30 percent from 2005 levels. The rules take aim at carbon emissions from the single largest source in the United States –existing power plants. They are an important, common sense step forward in the ongoing effort to address climate change and reduce air pollution

Letter from the Field: The Building of a Movement

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Organizing is a slow business. It is a business of miniature holds, tiny toe steps up a steep rock face. Each new step offers a new view of the landscape, a little bit larger view, a more hopeful view. We push forward relying on momentum to drive us and to make us grow. But it easy to forget where we are and how far we have come.

Redefining the Beauty of Windmills

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One of the common arguments I hear against wind power is that windmills ruin the look of a landscape. Apparently, to some, the tall white towers and huge spinning blades are eyesores amongst the rolling green hills and sprawling farmland of our state. The windmills are big, that is true. The blades can be as long as 50 meters. And, often windmills do not sit alone but in herds of towers in diagonal lines across the land.

PWIR: Score Report

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Before we get into the news from last week, two events happening today should go on your radar. First, the Lyndon Township Planning Commission will hold a public hearing tonight to discuss an application to create a massive gravel mining operation just north of quaint Chelsea, Michigan. Detrimental policy enacted at the state level suggests that the Township should approve the permit application if the mining company can demonstrate that any level of economic benefit will come from the mine. We need your help to tell the Township that this project will have damaging environmental impacts: 7 PM, Sylvan Township Hall (18027 Old US 12, Chelsea). Second, if you are in Traverse City, join us at a town hall meeting to discuss public land policy in Michigan, tonight 7 PM at the Acme Township Hall. We are co-sponsoring with the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) and State Representative Wayne Schmidt (R - Traverse City), and we look forward to seeing you there. 

State of the State Address--A Chance to Reflect on our 2013 Progress

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photo: Great Michigan Voting Meeting

What a year 2013 was for the Great Michigan priorities! But with a new year comes a new set of goals that Governor Snyder will lay out in his State of the State Address on January 16th at 7:00 pm.

PWIR: Driving Turnout to Preserve Farmland

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The New York City Park Service ramped up their Monument Conservation Program in time to honor Veteran’s Day today. Park conservators took brushes and cloths to weathered monuments that honor men and women who have served and cleaned them up just in time for today’s day of remembrance. The Citywide Monument Conservation Program is unique to New York City, but a reminder that there are more to parks than open spaces, and all of the pieces require care. We join these conservators and Michiganders across the state in recognizing and thanking members of the armed forces, past and present, for their sacrifice today. 

PWIR: The Detroit News

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Michigan LCV’s Southeast Michigan office is issuing a change of address. As of last Friday, we are settled in our new, bright and sunny office space. Well, settled in might be pushing it, but we are feeling right at home even if there are a few extra boxes and cords decorating the space.

PWIR: Setting The Record Straight

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Before we get into last week’s review, a heads up about the week ahead --- the deadline for public comment on Governor Snyder’s renewable energy report is on Wednesday. We are getting the word out via social media, and we need you to get on board. Click here to join our shared social media message. Then, read on for the news from this week.

PWIR: Ramping Up For More Renewables

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Michigan has more than 12,000 miles of recreational trails, 2,623 miles of rail trails (the most in the country!), 1,402 miles of water trails along the Great Lakes, 1,150 miles of North Country Scenic Trail, and 905 miles of bike trails. It is Michigan Trails Week, and clearly there are thousands of reasons to celebrate. 

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