Renewed protections, ongoing threats to clean water

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In the 2000s, weak federal policies along with a pair of US Supreme Court rulings eroded existing Clean Water Act safeguards for many waterways across the country.

Delisted: Restoring White Lake

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By Tanya Cabala of the White Lake Public Advisory Council

Last year, decades of persistence by grassroots citizens paid off in a big way for the White Lake area in northern Muskegon County.

New SHOWTIME Series Puts Climate Change on Primetime Television

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Promotional image for Years of Living Dangerously

The premiere of SHOWTIME's new series opens with Harrison Ford maneuvering a fighter jet through the skies over northern California. But this is not a fictional storyline, and Ford isn’t running down an enemy of the state. He is collecting carbon dioxide samples from the atmosphere as part of a NASA climate study. Welcome to the fast-paced documentary mini-series that is Years of Living Dangerously.

Your Guide to Triple Match Mitten Madness:

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This March, Michigan LCV is highlighting eight places in the Great Lakes State that deserve our undivided attention. Thanks to unsound decisions on the part of elected officials, some of Michigan’s most pristine places are facing threats that could cause irreversible damage. Each place listed in Michigan LCV’s Mitten Madness bracket is in danger due to votes or decisions that put sweeping sand dunes, world-class trout streams, and the quality of our state’s freshwater on the chopping block. Sound like madness? It is. But here's your chance to turn around the doom and gloom...

Lyndon Township Residents Fight Proposed Salt and Gravel Mine

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Just north of Chelsea, in the rural community of Lyndon Township, a battle is raging over a proposed sand and gravel mine that would drastically alter the character of the community and deeply impact the environment. This issue is a prime example of how decisions by Michigan’s elected officials at the state level impact local communities’ ability to protect their natural resources. 

Mayor Heartwell Visits Ann Arbor

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[head shot, George Heartwell]

Speaking at a special presentation of the University of Michigan Law School’s environmental law and policy program on Tuesday, Grand Rapids Mayor George Heartwell challenged the audience to consider the ethical obligation to address climate change.

“Simply living in the world today has an impact on climate,” said Mayor Heartwell. “We have to acknowledge that we are part of the problem...we have to do what we can within our own sphere of influence to mitigate the damage.”

Join Rapid Responders: Tell Gov. Snyder to Invest in Natural Resources

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Michigan has a budget surplus of $971 million over the next three years at its disposal. On Wednesday, Governor Snyder will announce an outline of his proposed budget for the state.

Click here to join our Rapid Responders team as they take to social media to hold the Governor to his pledges to invest in invasive species management, and tell him investments in Michigan's natural resources yield big returns.

Q&A: Asian Carp

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In advance of Lisa Wozniak's conversation with Tim Eder, Executive Director of the Great Lakes Commission, about Asian carp in the Great Lakes, we asked our members to submit their questions about a potential onslaught of big fish in Michigan’s big lakes, and what that means for life in the Great Lakes State.

Michigan's Wetlands Legacy In Peril

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Wetlands are some of our most valuable resources –they are places of beauty that contribute greatly to the overall health of our environment and our quality of life. 

New Map Shows Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Is Money Well Spent

Tags: Great Lakes, Healing Our Waters, toxics, Water, water quality

Great Lakes EPA Map

All too often the conservation-minded are derided as obstructionists, but a new interactive map rolled out by the Healing Our Waters Coalition helps flip this narrow assessment on its head. 

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