The latest on Michigan's clean energy economy

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Hundreds of Michiganders have already written their legislators asking for an update to our state's clean, renewable energy goals.

Redefining the Beauty of Windmills

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One of the common arguments I hear against wind power is that windmills ruin the look of a landscape. Apparently, to some, the tall white towers and huge spinning blades are eyesores amongst the rolling green hills and sprawling farmland of our state. The windmills are big, that is true. The blades can be as long as 50 meters. And, often windmills do not sit alone but in herds of towers in diagonal lines across the land.

PWIR: Target 2025

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Conservation is about planning for the future, but what point in the "future" are we thinking of when we're planning? If your vision of the future is only as far as a few months out, you'll have a very different vision than those who are thinking of the next generation. For the sake of imagining a world in the not-too-distant future, though, let's look at one particular year in which two key clean energy goals happen to coincide: 2025.

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