It’s Up to Governor Snyder Now

photo Governor Snyder 4326 federal regulations

If Governor Snyder signs House Bill 4326 into law it would restrict Michigan's ability to protect the Great Lakes by tying us to weaker standards that are decided upon in Washington. 

Such legislation would tie Michigan’s hands in regards to how we protect our Great Lakes and it would also limit the authority of Governor Snyder to propose rules that are appropriate for our state's unique relationship --- both economically and recreationally --- to the Great Lakes.

Now that the House passed House Bill 4326 it will likely be merged with the Senate version of the bill; then it will take a veto from Governor Snyder to keep the bill from becoming law.

A Freep editorial last month gave us some hope when it cited an interview with the new director of Governor Snyder’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs when he wrote that “some Great Lakes issues might require standards beyond those of the federal government; that may be reason enough for Snyder to threaten a veto.” 

The legislature's attempt to rule out all regulations stricter than federal is, frankly, very lazy. They already have the ability to review new rules created by the Governor and can already overturn them if they see fit. In passing this bill, they are preemptively saying "no" to any future protections for the Great Lakes that may be necessary. Governor Snyder should say "no" to them, first.

That veto power rests solely in Governor Snyder’s hands right now, the same hands that penned numerous white papers during his campaign talking about the importance of our natural resources. If he signs this legislation he may as well sign away so many of his green campaign promises at the same time, as he will no longer have a guaranteed way to carry them out.



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