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Put Michigan values first and vote for change

For more than fifteen years, members of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters have understood a simple truth: Your vote matters. 

Michigan LCV helps you elect officials who actively support the environment – and to defeat shortsighted measures that jeopardized the long-term health of our communities in exchange for short-term profits.  But, we've only been able to do that because of you, the voters.
In 2012, Michigan LCV waged a powerful campaign to elect conservation champions at all levels of government. Watch our video below to see how we made a difference in the last election cycle.

Michigan League of Conservation Voters was deeply involved in the 2014 general election through all branches of its family of organizations, from powerful independent expenditure campaigns, to sweeping persuasion canvassing programs, all the way to on-the-ground voter turnout efforts on the part of our staff.

Our all-hands-on-deck canvassing effort moved Michigan LCV’s staff out of the office and onto the doors, conveying the importance of the upcoming election and profiling the promising candidates running for office to the same people we spent months and weeks reaching through direct mail and digital ads. Our time knocking doors was one more touch to add to the list in an all-out effort to get as many voters to the polls as possible. In total, Michigan LCV staff completed 42 shifts of canvassing, upwards of 168 hours knocking doors and talking to voters.

Michigan LCV’s efforts on the ground were hugely impactful in building collaboration and power among the key players in field efforts throughout the state. We look forward to building on our program in 2016 and ramping up our ground game further to deliver a docket of wins for conservation candidates in Michigan.

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If you are interested in volunteering or finding out more about our efforts, please sign up here or call us, (734) 222-9650, today!