Green Gavels Disclaimer

Green Gavels is a judicial accountability tool intended for non-legal use by the general public. No part of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Green Gavels program or website is to be construed as legal advice or as a legal research aid. Gavel icons, colors, and ratings indicate only Michigan LCV's opinion about the conservation or environmental impact of a case or ruling and do not address in any way the legal status of a case or whether or not any of the cases analyzed are still "good law" or precedent.

Ratings and analyses were determined by Michigan LCV staff in consultation with members of the Green Gavels Advisory Board, based upon the full reported case opinion. Michigan LCV ratings and analyses comprise the "Conservation Impact of the Case," "Michigan LCV Analysis," and "Green Gavels Rating" sections of the case pages. No Green Gavels Advisory Board member peer-reviewed any cases in which he or she personally represented a party to the case as an attorney, or presided or ruled on the case in a judicial capacity. 

No students or faculty from the University of Michigan Law School had any part in deciding the ratings of cases or judges. Student work was limited to researching and selecting cases and writing objective summaries of the cases, which comprises the "Case Summary," "What Happened," "Legal Dispute," and "Court Decision" sections of the case pages. 

The University of Michigan Law School takes no position regarding support or opposition for judicial candidates.