2014 Lame Duck Legislative Scorecard

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Dear Conservation Voter,

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters is proud to release our 2014 Lame Duck Scorecard. Lame Duck sessions, held between Election Day and the winter holidays, are a time when long dormant bills always seem to come out of the woodwork and a flurry of legislative action is thought to overlooked by the voters. That's why we created this non-partisan account of the Lame Duck environmental and conservation voting records of Michigan’s State Representatives and State Senators, thereby establishing a window into the busy — and often detrimental — last few weeks of the 2013-2014 legislative session.

This Lame Duck Scorecard tracks the most important committee and floor votes, as well as bill introductions that would have significantly expanded and strengthened Michigan’s commitments to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The 2013-2014 legislative session may be over, but its legacy is a sign of the challenges and opportunities to come. I hope you take the time to review this document and use it to hold your State Representative and State Senator accountable for all of the decisions they make that impact Michigan’s land, air and water.

Thanks for standing with us,

Lisa Wozniak
Executive Director, Michigan LCV

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