December 2013

Gov. Snyder’s Energy Plan Names Cost Savings, Environmental Impacts as Top Priorities

Today, Governor Snyder laid the groundwork for an energy plan that would invest in renewable energy, reduce Michigan’s reliance on coal, drive down costs and protect our state’s natural resources. Michigan LCV says Governor Snyder’s plan is an encouraging starting point that needs to be supported by legislative action at the start of the 2014 session. Michigan LCV rated the announcement green on their gubernatorial accountability tool, “How Green is Your Governor?”

Michigan DNR Prohibits Drilling, Protects Au Sable River’s Holy Waters

Michigan LCV commends the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for agreeing to make oil and gas drilling off-limits within areas of the Au Sable River’s Holy Waters corridor today. The Michigan DNR announced that they intend to change leases on nine parcels of land to be “non-development” agreements, which would not support infrastructure needed for fracking operations or other surface drilling.

Thursday in Grand Rapids: A Faith Perspective on Energy

As the snow begins to fall and the heating bills begin to rise, we begin to think a little more seriously about energy efficiency. Energy efficiency is often approached from an economic perspective, which is appropriate since the cheapest form of energy is the energy we do not use. However, there are many other perspectives that support energy savings. On Thursday December 5th we will be looking at energy issues from a faith perspective.