February 2014

Michigan LCV Launches Bill Tracker, Adds Tool to Accountability Suite

Michigan LCV launched a new online bill tracking tool today, enhancing its set of accountability tools that track all three branches of Michigan’s state government. The Michigan LCV Bill Tracker allows every citizen and elected official to track legislation that stands to impact Michigan’s land, air, and water. Michigan LCV’s Bill Tracker reports the status of legislation in play in Lansing, from the point of introduction to the Governor’s sign off. The tool presents Michigan LCV’s stance on top priority natural resources issues, and it holds legislators accountable by scoring their votes as positive or negative.

Michigan LCV Thanks Congressman Dingell for Service and Legacy as Champion of Conservation

Michigan LCV thanked Congressman John Dingell (D - Dearborn) for an extraordinary legacy of service and commitment to protecting Michigan’s natural resources upon today’s announcement that he would be stepping down after the current congressional term. As the longest serving member of Congress, with almost 60 years in office, Congressman Dingell led the way on landmark legislation that strengthened environmental protections and elevated natural resources issues as essential to the economic and environmental health of the nation.

Rep. Schmidt’s Traverse City Town Hall Turns Out Supporters for Michigan’s Public Lands

photo: Michigan Land Plan

How does public land impact Michigan’s economy and quality of life? This was the leading question at the Traverse City Town Hall hosted by Rep. Wayne Schmidt, Michigan LCV, and Michigan United Conservation Corps this week. In attendance were directors of land conservancies, folks who sat on the original Natural Resources Trust Fund board, as well as hunters, fishermen, and regular citizens who value Michigan’s public lands.

Michigan Public Service Commission Report Confirms that Renewable Energy Standard Cuts Costs, Sparks Investment

An annual report from the Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC), released today, shows that Michigan’s renewable energy standard is driving down the high cost of electricity in Michigan, and sparking significant investments in our state’s clean energy sector. 

Michigan LCV Announces Delegation Scores from National LCV's 2013 National Environmental Scorecard

Michigan LCV today unveiled scores for the Michigan delegation released this morning as part of the League of Conservation Voters 2013 National Environmental Scorecard. The Scorecard reflects a jarring disconnect between a record-breaking year of climate change impacts and an unprecedented amount of anti-environmental legislation, particularly from the US House of Representatives, during the first session of the 113th Congress.

Farm Bill Connects Conservation to Crop Production, Invests in Clean Energy and Local Food Economies

After President Obama’s visit to Michigan State University to sign the 2014 Farm Bill into law today, Michigan LCV applauded US Senator Debbie Stabenow (D - MI) for her leadership on bipartisan legislation that stands to grow local economies, improve public health, invest in renewable energy, and better protect Michigan’s natural resources.

Governor Snyder's Budget Recommendation Cues Up Critical Investments in Natural Resources

Michigan League of Conservation Voters (Michigan LCV) said Governor Snyder’s budget recommendation would make needed investments in natural resources and environmental protections, and it would move Michigan toward fully valuing the natural resources that drive our state’s economy.