Update: State House Great Lakes and Environment Committee Holds Long Awaited Hearing on deca-BDE Ban

The House Great Lakes and Environment Committee held two hearings in December on HB 4699, which would ban the use of deca-BDE, a flame retardant, in the manufacture, sale, and use of goods in Michigan. This compound is a toxic chemical that has been linked to developmental problems in children, and has been found in increasing levels in Lake Michigan fish and breast milk.

Firefighters are exposed to this toxic chemical when fighting fires. It is used as a flame retardant in electronics, household products, and children’s products. Safe alternatives to the compound exist, and there is no reason that any Michigan citizen should be exposed to such risk.

The committee has not yet voted on the bill, but will likely do so in January. If it passes out of committee, we will need your help to get it through the House of Representatives. Please stay tuned to Michigan LCV for updates and opportunities for action.