Update: Governor Granholm Appoints New Department of Natural Resources and Environment Director

Rebecca Humphries

Michigan LCV is pleased to announce that the Governor has appointed Rebecca Humphries the new Director of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE). The announcement is applauded by the environmental and conservation communities alike, which were unified in their support for this choice. Ms. Humphries has been serving as the director of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) since 2004. Director Humphries possesses the background, experience, expertise, and knowledge to lead Michigan in the 21st century of environmental protection and ecosystem management. Her executive experience with the DNR gives her the necessary understanding of the need for holistic management of Michigan's natural resources, as well as a keen understanding of the structural budget problems facing this new department.

Ms. Humphries has exhibited a commitment to long term funding solutions, and we are confident that her experience and knowledge of and with the enforcement of current laws and the need for innovation moving into the future make her the absolute best choice for this post. We look forward to working with Director Humphries to reshape and improve environmental protection in Michigan.

Photo credit: www.michigan.gov/dnr