Update: Senator Whitmer Drops Out of Attorney General Race

Senator Gretchen Whitmer (D- East Lansing) announced today that she was withdrawing from the race for Attorney General. As an organization committed to electing pro-conservation candidates to office and holding them accountable, Michigan LCV is keeping a close eye on this race, measuring (even in the early days of the election year) potential candidates' credentials on natural resources protection.

With Whitmer out of the race, that leaves the following potential candidates on the Democrat and Republican sides of the aisle:

  • Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton  
  • Attorney Richard Bernstein, chairman of the Wayne State Board of Governors
  • Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop (R-Rochester)
  • Former State of Appeals Court Judge Bill Schuette

According to a Detroit Free Press article, "Candidates for attorney general are nominated at the state party conventions, not by voters in a statewide ballot. Candidates’ ability to raise money for their campaigns is often a crucial factor in the nomination by party convention delegates."

Whitmer's score on the 2007-08 Michigan League of Conservation Voters Scorecard: 89%
Bishop's score on the 2007-08 Michigan League of Conservatoin Voters Scorecard: 11%

Other candidates in the running have not held statewide office and therefore do not have a Michigan LCV score.

Stay tuned to Michigan LCV for the latest election news!