Update: Michigan House of Representatives Overwhelmingly Passes Flame Retardant Ban

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a ban on a toxic flame retardant by a margin of 94-6.Deca-BDE, the substance the new legislation prohibits, is a flame retardant used in many everyday products, from household electronics to car seats. The toxic chemical has been linked to hormonal, brain development, and thyroid problems, as well as cancer. The existence of safe alternatives to deca-BDE have been strengthening the case for this bill for quite some time, and after a few years of legislative battles, this bill is one step closer to becoming law. This substance is very similar to PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyl), which were banned in the United States in 1979. These substances are bioaccumualtive, which means they do not break down organically, and increasing levels have been found in Michigan's fish, water, and even human breastmilk. Michigan LCV is happy to have been a part of this legislative victory, and is looking forward to pushing this bill through the state Senate.