Update: ReEnergize Michigan Joins Contractors to Tout Energy Efficiency

On Monday, March 28, MLCV's Campaigns/Communications Director, Bill Kirk, joined representatives from the Building Science Academy and the Michigan Environmental Council at a retrofit project to talk about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Inside of an old Lansing house that is currently being retrofitted for optimal energy efficiency, Bill was joined by Sam Flannery of the Building Science Academy (BSA) and David Gard of the Michigan Environmental Council to talk to members of the Lansing media about the benefits of energy efficiency.

Mr. Flannery talked about the work BSA is doing to train builders and contractors for energy efficiency projects, highlighting the fact that this simple retraining is a great way to get hundreds of tradesmen back to work, while saving homeowners large amounts of money on their electric and heating costs.

While many may think the key to an efficient home is a new furnace or new windows, simple measures like insulation and proper door and window sealing can go a long way to cut down on energy use. In addition, these practices are far cheaper than a furnace or windows. Mr. Flannery also pointed out that their are a lack of training standards, certifications, and sufficient standardized energy efficiency practices in the current market, which is why he and BSA are proactively working to train contractors and builders, regardless of the lack of direction from state and federal government.

Mr. Gard and Kirk highlighted the new report from the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (MEEA) that examines the job creation opportunities and economic benefits of increasing Michigan's Energy Efficiency Standard. The current standard requires major utilities in Michigan to create a 1% annual reduction in electricity demand starting in the year 2012, and every year thereafter, by promoting energy efficiency practices. The ReEnergize Michigan campaign is advocating for legislation to increase that standard to 2%. Energy efficiency is the most effective and economical way to promote clean energy.

Stay tuned for updates and opportunities to take action and help Michigan lead the clean energy economy.

MEEA 2010 Expanding Michigan's Energy Optimization.pdf