State Representatives Introduce Energy Efficiency Legislation

Earth Day was a busy day at the Capitol, and Michigan LCV is happy to announce a big step forward for the ReEnergize Michigan campaign: legislation has been introduced to increase Michigan's energy efficiency standard.

The package of bills introduced today, HB 6063-6070, would increase Michgan's energy efficiency standard to 2% (for electric power) yearly by 2016. In addition, the current standard for natural gas power would be doubled to 1.5% by 2016.

Basically, this legislative package steps up the state's efforts to save energy, create jobs, and save citizens money on their utility bills. Studies estimate that increased standards could save approximately 5,355 megawatts of power, which could be redirected throughout the state. By saving this power, we can move towards eliminating the need for new baseload power plants. Consider this: the proposed coal plant in Bay City would produce about 800 megawatts of electricity, and would have to be paid for by ratepayers. On the other hand, by conserving energy through energy efficicency, we can generate 6 to 7 times more power at a fraction of the cost.

The main methods for increasing energy efficiency are weatherization, upgrading mechanical and lighting systems, and using energy efficient appliances. The estimated cost for these practices is approximately $0.03 per kilowatt hour. In contrast, building and operating new baseload power plants (coal-fired) costs about $0.12 per kilowatt hour.

Most importantly, if we can pass this legislation and double our current standard, 7.600 associated jobs will be created by 2019.

For more information, please read this overview:

EE Bill Overview.pdf