UPDATE: Michigan LCV Announces New Target in Online Accountability Program

JACKSON, MI – To keep constituents informed about what is actually happening in Lansing, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today launches a new targeted accountability website supported by a field operation, where supporters will be armed with facts about their elected officials and the disparity between their words and actions.

The latest in a series of statewide accountability targets is State Representative Martin Griffin (D-Jackson). The website is www.eyeongriffin.com. We will simultaneously be deploying supporters to knock on doors, meet with local leaders and supporters to let them know about his record and this new resource.

Griffin is in his second term in the Michigan House of Representatives and serves on several key committees, including Oversight and Investigations, New Economy and Quality of Life, Transportation, Agriculture, and Health Policy. Given his committee assignments, Griffin has had ample opportunity in the last two years to exhibit a commitment to environmental and public health protection. Yet, Rep. Griffin's voting record has been inconsistent and demonstrates only a half-hearted effort. Giving credit where it is due, Rep. Griffin has periodically promoted efficient and alternative energy and children’s health, but he has failed to cast consistent pro-environment votes and is far from a dedicated leader on any of these issues.

The new website will show constituents Rep. Griffin's good votes and bad votes on the range of issues that Michigan LCV tracks. That includes good votes on energy efficiency, banning harmful chemicals and supporting funding state parks, but those votes only tell half of the story. Rep. Griffin has cast votes against the Children's Safe Products Act, mercury in landfills, toxic chemicals, and conservation of Great Lakes water.

Through researching Rep. Griffin's record and public statements, we have found him to be unpredictable and contradictory.

Rep. Griffin earned a score of 64% on the 2007-08 Michigan Environmental Scorecard. Michigan LCV will be releasing its 2009-2010 Michigan Environmental Scorecard in the coming weeks. Please check back to see how Rep.Griffin performed this session.

“Many politicians declare their intent to move Michigan into a new energy economy, but their actions often contradict their words. Michigan LCV is here to hold them accountable. The economic landscape of Michigan has changed. We are at a crucial juncture where we can either move forward toward a 21st century clean energy economy or remain stagnant by clinging to the coal-powered, chemical-coated, rust-belt 20th century past,” said Michigan LCV Executive Director Lisa Wozniak.

Deputy Director Kerry Duggan added, “at this point in Michigan’s history, it is essential that we have leaders in Lansing who recognize the connection between our state’s economic and environmental health. They need to know that their actions and votes speak louder than words. Constituents have the right to know their elected leaders are performing on core issues. Our program focuses on activities related to clean energy job creation and environmental protection (to keep a Pure Michigan). There is no doubt that these are two key components of an economic recovery and a vibrant Michigan future.”

The Michigan League of Conservations Voters works to turn environmental values into community priorities. Michigan LCV distinguishes itself through its accountability work and is well known as the publisher of the non-partisan Michigan Environmental Scorecard, which shows how Michigan Legislators voted on conservation and clean energy issues. For more information, visit www.archive2016.michiganlcv.org.

Contact: Kerry Duggan (734) 846-0093