Constitutional Ban on Great Lakes Drilling Unveiled

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photo great lakes drilling constitutional ban

Michigan has a ban on offshore drilling, but it's not enough. The lakes are only safe if future governors and state legislators don't change the rules. A constitutional ban, however, would bring long-lasting protection and piece of mind to our Great Lakes. That's the idea behind a voter-approved ban being proposed by the Democratic Caucus in the Michigan House of Representatives.

The proposal was unveiled this morning at a press conference at Lake Erie Metropark with Reps. Dian Slavens, D-Canton, and Deb Kennedy, D-Brownstown. The BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico continues to grow, and President Obama is due to address the nation on the latest response efforts on Tuesday. 

"Michigan needs to step up to protect our lakes from future degradation and possible disaster that could come from offshore drilling," said Kerry Duggan, deputy director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

A recent New York Times article showed what Michigan's up against when it comes to future demands for energy. 

"It's important for each Michigander to take a look inward at our own roles and responsibilities in a clean energy future," Duggan added.

"That includes supporting measures to protect our lakes for future generations and educating ourselves about where candidates stand on priority issues like the environment, with elections coming up later this year."

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