Deb Kennedy Endorsed in 23rd District Michigan House Race

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Deb Kennedy is a true representative for Michigan's environment, and deserves a second term in the state House. Kennedy's leadership on issues from banning drilling in the Great Lakes to protecting children from exposure to toxic products has earned her the 2010 endorsement of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. 

The MLCV chose Kennedy based on her answers to an extensive questionnaire on topics including energy, children's health, toxic cleanup and pollution prevention. She's also been a powerful leader on the environment as a first-term legislator, which earned her a perfect 100 percent on the 2009-2010 Michigan Environmental Scorecard

Two years ago, the Brownstown Democrat campaigned for the 23rd District seat saying she'd work for "the 3 Es" --- economy, education and environment. She has stayed true to that promise, in particular as a member of the House Committee on Great Lakes and Environment.

"Although I've lived in southern Wayne County over 30 years, I was raised in northern Michigan and grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan and our beautiful lakes, rivers, and woods," Kennedy said. "My passion to protect our natural resources is rooted in that."

One of Kennedy's priorities in her first term has been keeping invasive species out of the Great Lakes. In February, she and other state House members launched an online campaign demanding that Chicago close shipping locks to keep Asian carp out of the lakes. Illinois officials declined to take those steps, and a bighead carp was caught near Lake Michigan on June 22, underscoring the ongoing need to lock the locks. On children's health, Kennedy sponsored a bipartisan plan to ban the manufacture, sale and distribution of products in Michigan that contain a toxic fire retardant. 

"My belief is our environment is the fuel for our economy," Kennedy said. "We are a 'cool state.' Business and young professionals want to be here. Our policies just haven't captured the vision yet."

The MLCV is a nonprofit with offices in Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids. The mission includes holding state legislators accountable for their actions and pressing for strong environmental laws.  Previous endorsements this election season have gone to Reps. Dan Scripps and Mary Valentine. 

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--- Image courtesy of Deb Kennedy.