Michigan LCV Releases Surprising Head-to-Head Gubernatorial Environmental Comparison

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The Michigan League of Conservation voters today released its analysis of all the gubernatorial candidates’ positions on the conservation issues in order to provide the most relevant comparison of environmental issues to voters in a handy guide.

“Charting the Governor’s Race” is a chart formatted in a manner to provide the easiest means by which Michigan voters concerned with the health of the state’s natural resources can receive a quick overview of how the candidates actually compare to each other on a range of issues. A chart with full citations is also available.

Michigan LCV is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which seeks to turn environmental goals into community priorities by electing, educating, and holding officials accountable for their votes and actions.

“In the middle of a contentious primary race for Governor like we have now, it is more important than ever to cut through the candidates’ ads, robocalls, and slick websites to provide a true picture of their positions,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for Michigan LCV. “This chart is a simple means by which voters can see how their platforms and past actions – and occasionally their lack of action – will reflect how they will perform on these issues as Governor.”

“We carefully reviewed the candidates’ public records, campaign platforms, and statements, to arrive at this final product,” noted Ryan Werder, Michigan LCV Political Director. “While we are pleased that there is complete agreement on keeping both drilling and Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes, it is unfortunate that the consensus ends there. I believe voters will be surprised at the degree of differences here.”

“Michigan LCV has not yet endorsed in the Governor’s Race, but just like other Michigan citizens, we will be using this chart to make our own decision shortly,” concluded Wozniak. Both the brief and fully cited versions of the chart can be found at archive2016.michiganlcv.org/compare.

Contact: Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director (734) 222-9650