Virg Bernero Endorsed in Aug. 3 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary

photo virg bernero michigan lcv
Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero has won the endorsement of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters in the Aug. 3 Democratic gubernatorial primary.
Bernero’s proven commitment to the protection of Michigan’s natural resources and the development of the state’s green economy makes him the clear choice over his Democratic opponent.
The decision to support Bernero was reached after an extensive review of his public statements, his participation in the Michigan LCV Education Fund’s Gubernatorial Forum on May 12, and his high lifetime mark of 87% on Michigan LCV’s Scorecard as a state legislator.  
Michigan LCV is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization which seeks to turn environmental goals into legislative and community priorities by electing, educating, and holding officials accountable for their votes and actions. 
“Any voter casting their ballot in the Democratic Primary that cares about the growth of green jobs in Michigan and the protection of our enormously valuable natural resources should be casting their ballot for Virg Bernero,” said Lisa Wozniak, Michigan LCV's executive director.
“Bernero’s dedication to Michigan’s economic recovery through a greener economy – including the protection of our Great Lakes which attracts tourism and supports so much of our commerce – makes him our clear choice in the Democratic primary for governor on Aug. 3.”
Bernero said, “I’m honored to receive the endorsement of Michigan LCV, an organization that works tirelessly to preserve and protect our state's extraordinary natural assets.
"Michigan is uniquely blessed with natural resources and beauty that we have a responsibility to care for and preserve for future generations. We can create new jobs and protect our environment if we make smart choices. As governor, I will stand strong with LCV to move Michigan toward a greener future and to adopt a more aggressive approach to climate protection, energy conservation, and environmental stewardship.”
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