Steve Bieda Has Our Vote for 9th District Michigan Senate

photo steve bieda

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters endorses Steve Bieda for the 9th State Senate district. Bieda has a 96% lifetime score with Michigan LCV. Let's send him back to Lansing. 

“When Steve was in the State House, he was a reliable leader on many of the most important conservation issues facing the state. We are eager to send him back to Lansing to serve in the State Senate, a body which is in desperate need of his voice on these important subjects,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for Michigan LCV.

“Steve’s remarkable foresight and action on issues like Asian carp and advanced battery technology demonstrates the kind of vision he has for both Michigan’s environmental and economic health.”

Bieda said, “Protecting Michigan’s environment is why I got into politics in the first place.

"Receiving the endorsement from Michigan LCV, an organization that shares my understanding that good politics are necessary for good environmental policy, is further proof that I will be more than a mere advocate for creating a stronger economy through a healthier Michigan; I will be a constant leader.”

Michigan LCV is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which seeks to turn environmental goals into legislative and community priorities by electing, educating, and holding officials accountable for their votes and actions.

This is Michigan LCV’s final endorsement in a Democratic primary race in this election cycle. Other MLCV 2010 endorsements are listed online. The candidate's website is at