John McNeil Earns Our Endorsement in Michigan's 89th District House Race

John McNeil

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is proud to announce its endorsement of John McNeil in the crowded 89th District House race. McNeil is a strong advocate for the environment and will be a welcome change from the current office holder in the 89th District, Arlan Meekhof, who has an anemic 22% on Michigan LCV’s annual scorecard.

McNeil, a Republican from Ottawa County, was given Michigan LCV’s endorsement based on his responses to an extensive questionnaire, his thorough understanding of local conservation issues, and his experience managing the Mackinaw Kite Company which depends on a healthy Michigan environment to thrive.

“It is rare that there is such a clear choice in such a crowded primary, but we are confident that John McNeil is that choice in this race,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for Michigan LCV. “John has a vision to make our state a worldwide leader in green manufacturing by focusing on creating a renewable energy industry right here in Michigan. His experience as a businessman, his dedication to outdoor recreation, and his commitment to improving the overall health and quality of life for his constituents makes him the only choice for any voter – Republican or Democrat – that is concerned with Michigan’s environment and economic growth.”

“This campaign is all about choosing whether we continue blindly ahead in Lansing as we have been or choosing a path that creates a healthier Michigan, both economically and environmentally,” added John McNeil. “I’m proud to be endorsed by Michigan LCV, an organization that shares my belief that new jobs and a clean energy economy are not only related, but are impossible to separate from each other. There are already 109,000 clean energy jobs in Michigan, but I firmly believe that is only the beginning of what our community and state can accomplish if I am elected.”

Michigan LCV is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, with offices in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, which seeks to turn environmental goals into legislative and community priorities by electing, educating, and holding officials accountable for their votes and actions. The Michigan LCV Board includes a number of prominent Republicans such as Congressman Joe Schwarz, Grand Rapids attorney Bill Farr, and Rob Sisson, the President of Republicans for Environmental Protection.

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