Pass It On: Sept. 2 is Deadline for Great Lakes Drilling Ban

It's great to have friends, like those of you who follow us on Facebook and Twitter. And those of you who have signed on to a petition to protect Michigan from future oil spills.

But time is running out to gather signatures before a Sept. 2 deadline. Read on, and please consider sending this post to at least five of your friends.

The Michigan Legislature has until Sept. 2 to approve bills that would permanently ban oil and gas drilling in the Great Lakes. If the bills aren't approved in both chambers by Sept. 2, the question will not make it to the November general election ballot. We will lose an opportunity to put in place comprehensive protections for the lakes.

The Michigan LCV plans to deliver the petition to members of the Legislature before the deadline. We have hundreds of signatures already. But to have the biggest impact, we need thousands.

Please ...

--- Pass on this page to five of your friends and ask them to sign our petition

--- Post this story on your Facebook and Twitter accounts to let more of your friends know about the issue, and the deadline. 

*** Here's a shortened link to this page:

We can't protect the Great Lakes without our friends, and there's strength in numbers. Let lawmakers hear the message loud and clear: We don't need another oil spill in Michigan, or anywhere in the Great Lakes basin.