Snyder and Bernero Need to Answer Final Eight Questions

photo michigan lcv letters flyer eight questions
In a pair of open letters, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters has presented Rick Snyder and Virg Bernero with an identical set of questions on important conservation and green job issues that have yet to be answered in this gubernatorial race.
Snyder and Bernero were endorsed by Michigan LCV in their respective primary races. The questions are based on a series of tracked positions that Michigan LCV released before the primary, in a piece called “Charting the Governor’s Race.” The questions also take into account more recent information logged on our Candidate Tracker
“We were happy to see both of our endorsed candidates make it out of their primary fights, but we will continue to hold them accountable to the commitments they are making to Michigan’s sustainable future,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director for Michigan LCV. “We are not seeking to attack either of these campaigns with these questions; we are simply asking them to go on the record on these important issues. Whether they answer our letter directly, or respond question by question as our members and allies show up with them at town halls, we look forward to hearing their responses.”
Ryan Werder, political director for Michigan LCV, added, “Michigan voters deserve to know what they are voting for on Nov. 2, and these Final Eight Questions reflect key concerns that have yet to be addressed.  We will be providing flyers with these questions on them to our members and other concerned citizens to bring to the candidates’ open forums. Michigan LCV will then update our Candidate Tracker to reflect the answers as they come in. Of course, if it is easier for the candidates to just answer them in an open letter back to us, we will be very happy to post that up, as well, with our thanks.”
Michigan LCV, to this point, is choosing not to endorse either Snyder or Bernero in the general election and to, instead, hold both equally accountable.
The topics are: The Renewable Portfolio Standard, a moratorium on coal plants, wind power, comprehensive water protection, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment budget, funding for state parks, Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), and sulfide mining. 
--- For more information, contact Ryan Werder, political director
Office: 734-222-9650