Let's Keep Justice Davis on the Michigan Supreme Court

The Michigan League of Conservation Voters endorses Justice Alton Thomas Davis for the Michigan Supreme Court.

His extensive experience as an Appellate Court Judge in Northern Michigan, and the deep knowledge he naturally possesses regarding Michigan’s environmental laws, makes his election a priority for conservationists across the state.

“Right now, more than ever, we need to elect a justice with equal parts integrity and intelligence; without a doubt, that is Justice Alton Thomas Davis,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.
“In an era where hidden special interest money pushes short-sighted laws through the Legislature, a strong Supreme Court with Justice Davis's leadership is a necessary firewall for taxpayers. His respect for existing environmental protections makes a stark --- and welcome --- contrast to a Court that recently allowed endless draining of Michigan waters for out-of-state corporations. On Nov. 2, we are reminding everyone to vote all the way down the ballot, in the non-partisan section, for Justice Davis.”
Justice Davis added, “Michigan's waters, wilderness, and wildlife are critical to our state, and I will protect them. It is important that citizens are able to hold corporations and polluters accountable when they harm our environment.  Michigan deserves a Supreme Court Justice who will uphold our laws and protect our natural resources."
Justice Davis has a long history of preserving Michigan’s greatest economic and natural treasures. Examples include a Court of Appeals dissent to block an ill-conceived gravel mine, a ruling to limit private bridges over one of the state’s top trout streams, and the affirmation of a jury verdict that found it illegal to drain wetlands protected by the Wetland Protection Act.