Pick Dillon for Michigan State Rep. and a Clean Energy Economy

photo dillon state rep
The Michigan League of Conservation Voters endorses Brandon Dillon for State Representative in House District 75, representing the Eastern half of Grand Rapids.
Dillon is a strong advocate for the environment and is committed to revitalizing Grand Rapid’s urban center. Dillon’s experience as a Grand Rapids County Commissioner, and his commitment to continuing the evolution of Michigan’s economy, will be a valuable addition to Lansing.     
Michigan LCV gave Dillon its endorsement based on his responses to an extensive questionnaire, his thorough understanding of local conservation issues, and his leadership in the Grand Rapids community. 
“We need leaders who recognize the link between a clean energy economy and job creation. Brandon understands this connection and is ready to take his values to Lansing,” said Ryan Werder, Political Director for Michigan LCV.  
“He is dedicated to achieving his vision for a strong, safe, and vibrant state. His commitment to small business development, the health of our children, and sustainable urban development make him the best choice for voters on Nov. 2.”
Dillon added,  “We cannot continue the status quo in Lansing. I’m ready to make bold changes across our state by creating thousands of jobs based on a sustainable economy. 
"I’m proud to be endorsed by Michigan LCV, an organization that shares my belief that a sustainable economy based on innovation and an improved quality of life is the most essential element in moving our community forward. As a father, I understand that we must prioritize the needs of our environment in order to ensure a healthier future for our children.”
Michigan LCV is a non-partisan, non-profit organization, with offices in Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor, which seeks to turn environmental goals into legislative and community priorities by electing, educating, and holding officials accountable for their votes and actions. 
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