Donate Your Phone, Support Michigan LCV

photo donate your phone button recellular
If you have an old cell phone, please consider donating it to ReCellular. We've partnered with the Dexter, Michigan, company, and phones donated to them can be marked as a political donation to us. 
The Federal Elections Commission recently approved ReCellular as the first company to allow people to donate the cash they receive from cell phone recycling to their cause or campaign of choice. The Michigan League of Conservation Voters is the first to take advantage of the program.
ReCellular collects, reuses and recycles cell phones and other electronics, and buys old cell phones from consumers through its website,
To participate, sign up at the website, and select "Political Donation." Then, select the Michigan LCV from the drop-down menu.
Think of it as doubling your donation: Your cell phone will be recycled and Michigan LCV will receive support to help fund our work.