Kent County Commission Races Receive Endorsements for Farmland Preservation Issue

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The important issue of farmland preservation is receiving the explicit support of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today by way of endorsements for champions of the issue on the Kent County Commission.

“The Commissioners we are endorsing in this election exemplify the kind of leadership that is possible when common sense and bipartisanship allow smart public policy to take shape,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for Michigan LCV. “The unquestionable success that Grand Rapids enjoys in rebuilding its urban core is largely a result of controlling sprawl. It is a model that the rest of the state – and especially large cities – should be paying close attention to.”

Ryan Werder, Political Director for Michigan LCV added that, “Michigan LCV exists to lend political strength to crucial conservation concerns and, right now, Kent County is the battleground over farmland preservation. We are proud to see these Commissioners stand up for the sake of smart land use and to stand together regardless of Party affiliation. The rest of the state could learn a great deal from what is being done in Kent County. Voters should be certain to reelect these Commissioners who have a track record of principled leadership and strong conservation values.”

The candidates for Kent County Commission that Michigan LCV is specifically endorsing are:

  • Tom Antor (District 2)
  • Gary Rolls (District 4)
  • Sandi Frost Parrish (District 5)
  • Stan Ponstein (District 7)
  • Keith Courtade (District 8)
  • Bill Hirsch (District 10)
  • Pete Hickey (District 12)
  • Carol Hennessy (District 14)
  • Dick Bulkowski (District 15)
  • Jim Talen (District 16)
  • Bob Synk (District 19)

Information on other Michigan LCV endorsements can be found on our endorsement page.