Strengthen Oversight of Hydraulic Fracturing to Protect Michigan’s Natural Resources

More than 30 organizations, including the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, have sent a letter to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and Environment, urging the agency to strengthen oversight of hydraulic fracturing and ensure adequate protection of the state’s valuable natural resources.

Hydraulic Fracturing, or “fracking," is used to access potential gas reserves. The process includes injecting a mixture of water, chemicals, and sand underground at high pressures to create factures in the rock, through which natural gas can flow for collection.

“This development is different than any other gas and oil development which has preceded it. This development has resulted in documented problems in other states including surface, ground, and drinking water contamination," the letter states.  

“Subsequently, more robust oversight is needed to address future development in an orderly and sustainable manner while protecting Michigan’s natural resources.”

The letter was sent to MDNRE Office of Geological Survey Supervisor of Wells, who is MDNRE Director Rebecca Humphries, and Assistant Supervisor of Wells, Harold Fitch.  Both are responsible for the safe drilling and operation of oil and gas wells within the state.
To read the letter, visit the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council website.