Rick Snyder taps public sector veterans for administration

Michigan Governor-Elect Rick Snyder announced appointments today of public sector veterans from both the Engler and Granholm administrations.
With the appointments now in place, the Michigan League of Conservation Voters looks forward to working with the new governor and his incoming team to protect and preserve Michigan’s environment during the next four years.
“The history of the Snyder administration has yet to be written,” said Lisa Wozniak , executive director of the Michigan LCV. 
“Certainly there is a verbal commitment on the part of the Synder team to address urban renewal, quality of life, and the celebration of our ‘Pure Michigan.’
"Time will tell if these newly named officials can do the hard work of connecting environmental protections with jobs and economic leadership in our state. Improving and protecting the quality of both our natural and economic environments is essential to our state’s future.”
Governor-Elect Snyder appointed Dan Wyant as the new Director of the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), a move that splits the recently recombined and reorganized Department of Natural Resources and Environment (DNRE). Wyant is the former Department of Agriculture director under the Engler and Granholm administrations.
Rodney Stokes, currently the chief of the DNRE's Science and Policy Office, is to head a new Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The new director for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development will be former department executive Keith Creagh.
“Dan Wyant has had a long and respected career in the agricultural sector,” Wozniak said. “His challenge in this new position will be separating his new priorities of environmental protection and enforcement from his agricultural background.
“Agriculture is a vital industry in Michigan, but it’s also the primary cause of degradation to our Great Lakes, from excess algae in our waters to slime on our beaches.
“Given his background, Dan has the understanding --- and now the opportunity --- to strengthen environmental protections and stewardship in the agricultural community. We hope he’ll use that opportunity wisely.”
Wozniak called the appointment of Stokes “outstanding.”
“Rodney has a long, well-respected history of work in the natural resources arena and a strong commitment to urban renewal. He will make an excellent DNR director and will undoubtedly be a champion of Governor-Elect Synder’s commitment to the revitalization of our great cities.
“It’s good to know about the reorganization and appointments,” Wozniak added.
“Overall, however, we are less concerned with organizational charts and more concerned with the bottom line: Will the departments have adequate funding to do their jobs, which includes not only the protection of the very essence of our ‘Pure Michigan’ but the enforcement of our environmental laws?
"Without adequate funding, new leadership and new departments mean nothing.”