Michigan LCV Launches 'How Green Is Your Governor?'

photo how green governor logo michigan snyder
Starting today, if you have enough time to check three simple numbers, you have enough time to learn how successfully Gov. Rick Snyder’s administration is managing Michigan’s beautiful and valuable natural resources.
The three numbers will be at the top of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters’ new online accountability tool, “How Green is Your Governor?”, and correspond to the amount of positive, negative, or neutral actions the governor makes throughout his term.
So far, we think Mr. Snyder is off to an impressive start.
“Given all the promises and high expectations that Governor Snyder created around his commitment to Michigan’s lakes and environment, we felt it only appropriate to provide Michigan voters with a chance to regularly check up on how he is following through,” said Lisa Wozniak, executive director for Michigan LCV.
“So far, his decision to appoint Patty Birkholz to the Office of the Great Lakes, and his administration’s wise appeal of the flawed lower court decision on an unnecessary coal plant in Holland, indicate that he is staying true to his promise of balanced and pragmatic leadership on conservation issues.”
Ryan Werder, political director for Michigan LCV added, “he may call himself a nerd, but so far it appears that he is a nerd who truly knows the value of the outdoors.
"We are looking forward to tracking his future decisions with the simple, color-coded ‘How Green is Your Governor?’ tool on our website. We hope it’s nothing but green marks from here on out, but we won’t hesitate to let voters know if he makes a dangerous decision at some point down the road.”
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