Dirty Coal Embraced By Michigan House Dems?

Democratic leaders in Michigan's House have left us bewildered. They've announced new support to build old coal plants, at the expense of ratepayers, jobs and environmental health in our state.
Michigan LCV has joined other groups in condemning the announcement.
“At a time when Michigan is positioned to attract tens of thousands of new clean energy jobs --- on top of the 109,000 we already have --- the House Democratic leadership has apparently made the choice to chase those jobs away by embracing old coal, instead,” said Lisa Wozniak, Michigan LCV's executive director.
'If this is the kind of short sighted decision-making we can expect from the House Democrats over the next two years, both the environment and economy of Michigan will suffer."
No doubt. New coal plants will create jobs during construction, but those jobs are only temporary. And every penny invested in coal is a penny not invested in clean energy projects, which have been shown to produce more jobs
We thought Michigan was looking forward, to position itself in the clean energy sector, and create long-lasting jobs and a cleaner environment for future generations. This plan would move us backward.
New coal plants will lock Michiganders into sending more of their money out of state --- to import more than $9 billion worth of coal for the next 50 years. And under legislation passed in 2008, all costs for new coal plants will be borne by ratepayers, with residential users paying the biggest portion of that increase.
There's a reason that coal plant projects have been idled across the country during the last two years. There are better opportunities to produce cleaner, cheaper electricity, provide long term, in-state jobs and grow local businesses.
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