National LCV Releases 2010 Environmental Scorecard

photo LCV Scorecard 2010

As the second session of the 111th Congress came to a close in Washington, D.C., national LCV was busy tabulating votes on the most important environmental bills. Now, they are ready to release their National Environmental Scorecard, which awards scores based on our elected officials environmental voting records.

Both Michigan Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow scored an impressive 100% in this past session. Levin and Stabenow each voted no on the dangerous Murkowski legislation which, if passed, would have blocked the Environmental Protection Agency from moving forward with steps to reduce dangerous carbon pollution.

“We applaud those members of the Michigan delegation who fought in 2010 to protect public health, the environment, and to reduce our nation’s dangerous dependence on oil,” said Ryan Werder, Political Director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters.

Unfortunately, several of our representatives in Washington scored dismally on this year’s scorecard as well. Congressman Pete Hoekstra, Dave Camp, and Fred Upton along with Congresswoman Candice Miller all scored 0% for the second session of 2010. All four voted against energy efficiency loan programs and other green legislation.

“We are particularly disappointed with Congressman Upton,” said Werder. “With a lifetime average of 37 percent, his glaring zero on the 2010 Scorecard signals an abrupt turn from his more moderate positions of the past that better reflected his constituency at home and not the special interests in Washington.”

When we send our representatives away to Washington, we expect them to protect the environmental interests their constituents care so much about. The National Environmental Scorecard is a reminder that some representatives are much better at this task than others. We are hopeful that in the coming session of the Congress and Senate in Washington, Congressmen and women start to look more like our Senators and less like Congressman Hoekstra.

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