Michigan LCV Statement on Snyder Budget Proposal

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After reviewing Governor Snyder's budget proposal for Fiscal Years 2012 and 2013, Michigan LCV released the following statement:

"The Governor's budget is more than just a spreadsheet, it is a deep statement of values. If Michigan is to attract the businesses that the Governor is hoping for, we must also be aware of the quality of life that the employees of those new businesses will expect. Self-enforcement of pollution, fewer DEQ personnel to ensure key environmental safeguards, and redistribution of funds from essential programs will only further harm community health and environmental protections. Michigan is the Great Lakes state and we cannot walk away from that legacy.

"This year, Governor Snyder recommended a roughly 15% cut to the programs that monitor and enforce essential environmental safeguards. This 15% must be put into context, though, as it slashes once again at programs that have sustained over 75% in cuts over the past decade. At this point, basic services --- from prompt permitting to the emergency clean-ups --- cannot be reliably provided to protect our parks, rivers, communities, and Great Lakes with this remarkable lack of resources. The elimination of important tax credits that are beneficial to the sustained growth of the clean energy and advanced battery sectors will also have a negative impact on Michigan's economic and environmental health.

"All this said, we sympathize with the Governor as he is in the intensely unenviable position of making intensely unpopular decisions to bring our state back within its means. Our differences in opinion stem from his prioritization of Michigan's limited revenue, not from the degree of sacrifice necessary. However, no matter how many tax cuts are given to attract businesses, if there is not a corresponding investment in the quality of life for the families we hope to attract to these new jobs, Michigan's reinvention will be built on an unstable and unsustainable foundation."

For further details, the link to the Governor's Executive Budget.

 Photo credit: Freep.com