Electric Vehicles Highlights Michigan’s Unique Advantages for Job Growth

Michigan is ideally poised to become an enduring world-wide hub for EV production and research. Between Michigan’s existing automotive infrastructure, higher education institutions, and the momentum toward an electric vehicle (EV) industry cluster, Michigan is on the verge of an economic reawakening.  The new study detailing these findings was released today by the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund.

The full report can be found here: "Electric Vehicles: Connecting Michigan's Past and Future"

Some features of the report include:

  • Exclusive interviews with industry leaders such as General Motors and Johnson Controls
  • Over a dozen case studies from every corner of the state demonstrating nodes of particularly impressive growth and innovation in the EV industry
  • A menu of policy options to dramatically increase the rate at which Michigan can stimulate EV production, as well as affordable usage by citizens
  • A consolidated table of information on projected and actual job growth in Michigan directly, and indirectly, associated with EVs.

“On the heels of GM’s announcement of a major increase in Chevy Volt production, and the accompanying 2500 new jobs in their Detroit-Hamtramck plant, this report highlights the amazing assets Michigan has at its disposal to even further expand this booming clean industry ,” said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director of the Michigan League of Conservation Voters Education Fund. “While there are still a host of policies that Michigan could pursue to even further speed this job creation, we feel it is essential to take full advantage of the foundation and heritage for electric vehicles that our state already uniquely possesses.”

Electric vehicles are a clean mode of transportation that not only creates domestic jobs, but lessens our dependence on foreign oil, and cuts down on harmful emissions. Furthermore, the advanced battery industry they support creates a positive ripple effect in the clean energy industry, as a whole.

A short YouTube video that succinctly highlights key elements of this report can be found here, as well: "Electric Vehicles: Made in Michigan"