Protection of Michigan's Environment Unsustainable Under New Budget

Governor, Rick, Snyder, Michigan, Budget, Sign

Governor Snyder's signature on the FY 2011-12 budget today only continues the decade-long tradition of cuts to the vital protection of Michigan's Great Lakes and natural resources. The budget will cut funding to the DEQ by 15.1% and to the DNR by 13.5%, leaving both severely understaffed. The DEQ and the DNR are essential to the protection of Michigan’s forests, the Great Lakes, and public health, but the Legislature and the Governor's preference to focus on the corporate tax leaves Michiganders' quality of life at greater risk.

"Taking even more bites out of Michigan's ability to protect the Great Lakes we rely on, the forests we hunt in, and the air we breathe is a short-sighted strategy," said Lisa Wozniak, Executive Director for the Michigan League of Conservation Voters. “These deep cuts to Michigan's environmental protections are bigger than what was just signed into law today. They are part of a string of hits to the DEQ that is now approaching 75% in total cuts over the past decade."

Ryan Werder, Political Director for Michigan LCV also noted that, "shortchanging the Great Lakes will ultimately come back to haunt us in future budgets. Preserving our land and water now is far more cost effective that going back and cleaning it up."