Walberg By The Numbers: A Record of Anti Environmental Voting

photo tim walberg

The U.S. House has taken over 100 anti-environment votes this year. While largely supporting this agenda that is harmful to both Michigan's economy and citizens' health,

Rep. Walberg accepted $6,500 in campaign contributions from oil and gas companies and $3,500 from mining companies. Collectively, these contributions made up 7% of his total PAC contributions in the first six months of the year. [FEC]

Walberg, by the numbers:

• Walberg voted 6 times this year to protect unnecessary tax breaks for the oil industries.

• Walberg voted 19 times this year against efforts to combat climate change.

• Walberg voted 41 times this year against programs and funding to keep our air and water clean.

• Walberg voted 33 times this year to defund or weaken the EPA.

• Walberg voted 24 times this year against investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency initiatives

“Congressman Walberg sided with interests at odds with Michigan's growing number of clean energy jobs and citizens' clean air and water at nearly every opportunity during the 112th Congress. He voted to protect unnecessary oil subsidies at a time of necessary deficit reduction, while simultaneously working to block the EPA’s ability to hold those same major polluters accountable,” said Michigan League of Conservation Voters Political Director Ryan Werder. "Again and again, Walberg is looking to his fundraising list rather than his constituents when voting for short-sighted policies that will corrupt the very qualities that just earned Michigan national recognition as the most beautiful state in America. Our economy depends on tourism, clean energy manufacturing, and clean air and water for citizens; Representative Walberg's voting record clearly shows he is more interested in in his donors' wallets.”

Source: League of Conservation Voters analysis (http://www.lcv.org/assets/docs/112thantienvirovotes_bytopic.pdf)

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